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Inspiration for a New Beginning

Inspiration for a New Beginning

Sometimes we make great plans, have great ideas; things that never come to fruition.  When we look back on those things we lacked the courage to start, it can defeat us more than the attempt and failure at something new.  I have been in the jewelry industry in some form or another, from bench jeweler to diamond sales, for 15 years!  Crazy I know, it doesn’t make me as old as you might think...I started my dedicated industry journey when I was 20.  Like any career, its had its ups and downs, successes and failures, but always I seem to find my rejuvenation with each step I take.  


The latest step in my journey as jeweler, designer, artist, and creator, has been the most arduous of my life.  The difficulty has truly sprung from my personal life.  Life circumstances forced me to either whither as a human being, or change.  And I chose change.  Change is not easy, true change is honestly rare.  And I can say without a tinge of arrogance, that I have changed.  I faced my addictions, the demons of my past, my piss poor choices, my negative personality traits and flaws; everything ugly about myself I stared straight at, and said “bite me, I am NOT living like this anymore!”  I took 4 years of hard work, I lost friendships, jobs, clients, and family.  I burned bridges in my own industry, and could point you to several people who will gladly dish the ugly on my failures.  Yet, tere I am, not just a new leaf...a new life!


At this point in my life, I am not afraid anymore.  I am ready to give this business and my clients my everything.  I have wanted to start a blog for a long time about jewelry.  So many of my friends, clients, and acquaintances ask me about jewelry and “the rules”, ESPECIALLY when it comes to engagement.  And I say one simple thing to them, there are no rules.  Millennials, and I am one proudly (at the top of the generation by the way), hear all kinds of things about our generation.  We are selfish, but will change the world...blah blah blah.  One thing I can say for certain, as a jeweler, we are redefining “the rules” on what is expected, accepted, and desired as jewelry.  So my blog will be a running conversation about what’s hot, what’s outdated, and simply what “the new rules” are.  And I finally got off my duff to start this with one simple moment...the engagement of my friends Charles and Sarah.


I am not going into the details of their relationship, but suffice it to say NO ONE thought they would ever tie the knot...EVER!!!  We are part of a civic organization named the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce, the local chapter of the Jaycees (look it up if you don’t know!), and currently he is the Prez, I am his EVP and she is the VP of Membership.  Three years ago, Charles and I started a new event, Christmas in July; they met at this event.  Two weeks ago, again at this event, he proposed by rigging the last item in the raffle with her engagement ring. #pimpmove I cried like a baby!  He shocked everyone, most of all her.  And when I went up to hug and congratulate them, of course everyone started asking if I did the ring.  I did not.  And quite frankly I didn’t care.  I was just so happy for them, it didn’t matter that I didn’t get the business.  He said it was because he got a sapphire (I have access to amazing gemstones side note) and not a diamond.  Again, I didn’t care they didn’t get it from me….just amazingly happy for my dear friends.  And through all the conversations that followed, I realized that I truly needed to start this blog.  All my clients, friends, family and acquaintances want to know, is if they are making the right moves.  My philosophy: it’s your jewelry, there are no wrong moves.  So I will begin to talk about everything under the sun: history, gemology, sizing, pricing, custom, etc.  Anything you can think of I will discuss, especially if asked.  


So here I am, moving forward and discussing the thing I love the most (daughter excluded), thanks to two dear friends and their special moment.  So with much gratitude for the inspiration, and a HUGE congrats, thanks Charles & Sarah, for being my friends and truly inspiring me with your love and devotion!  Much love always


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