About Me

The jewelry industry has been my passion for many years.  I found the craft of jewelry during my undergraduate, and immediately was casting silver daily.  I then sough my graduate degree in Jewelry with Computer Aided Design as the main focus.  After apprenticing for a silversmith in New Mexico, I moved home to the city I love, Dallas.  I have worked in fine jewelry and diamond sales here for several years.  Now I am moving back to my roots in design.  Anything you or your customers can dream up, I can create a custom CAD model, print, and provide production.

Creating elegant and clean models is my passion.  I love working with my clients, because the passion for the design and the jewelry always shines.  Every jeweler has their own flavor, and I love working with different styles.  I can work to bridge the gap between the customer's wants and the jewelers sense of design.  Together we can create something truly unique for your customers.

Let's Get Started!

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